The SeatKeeper is the perfect solution for the ultimate in protection against pets or any other potentially harmful or messy situations in your car or truck.  These covers work like a pad or mat that protects the surface of your upholstery.  It is easy on and off installation which ensures you use the SeatKeeper every time it’s needed without any hassles. Our non skid backing allows the SeatKeeper  to stay put and not slide around when placed on most seat including leather seats. Therefore using straps to secure the cover is optional. Good quality, easy protection, that pays for itself many times over.


No matter what type of bucket seats you have, this SeatKeeper design offers you the best protection with the simplest of installation. Specially designed attachments are included to be used to help secure the edges of your SeatKeeper.


This 2 piece bench is designed to fit most bench seats in most vehicles. The Separate back and bottom give greater flexibility to fit your seat, the 2 pieces can stay detached or joined together. Specially designed attachments are included.

Seat Covers