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  • This 2 piece tapered bench was designed for many rear seats that are taller than a standard bench seat and flare out wider at the base for maximum protection. The width at the top is 48″ across and tapers out to 60″. It measures 28″ in height for the back rest. The seat portion is 54″ wide and 22″ deep.
  • Fits best on rear seats in most 4 door compact cars and some mid size cars.

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  • Non-Slip backing. Our most prominent feature is the non-skid backing. We tested many backings to find the one that was best suited for staying put, even on leather or vinyl seats. Making the need for straps a thing of the past.
  • Water Resistant/Strong. We then chose a tough and durable PVC coated fabric to guard against the toughest of messes one might encounter.
  • Comfortable. The padding was calculated for comfort and design, yet not too bulky for easy storage.
  • On and Off in Seconds. We designed a unique netting strip to be used, if needed, to help secure the SeatKeeper under head rests or you could fasten any tie down wherever best suited for extra stability.
  • Extra Features. Small loops have also been added all along the edges for those who like to install the SeatKeeper on a more permanent basis.
  • Near Perfect fit. With the vast array of vehicle types and sizes available today, we knew that “one size doesn’t fit all”. That’s why we designed a few unique styles and sizes to give you that near perfect fit to suit ‘your’ needs.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Grey, Tan


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